Did Church Set Stage For Shoah?

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David L. Kertzer’s explosive new book “The Popes Against The Jews” already has tongues wagging among interfaith experts, and it hasn’t even officially come out yet. They say the disturbing revelations and conclusions by the respected Brown University historian is sure to cause further tension in an already stressful relationship between the Vatican and Jewish leaders.

‘Asleep At The Switch’

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Stunned counterterrorism experts said the terrorist air attacks were worse than anything they ever could have imagined. They also blamed a “massive failure” in U.S. intelligence gathering and lax American airport security for the worst terrorist attack in U.S. history. And they called for the U.S. to launch a unified, international effort against terrorism.

Theologians Cry Foul Over Ward Remarks

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The “Charlie Ward controversy” is exposing a vein of Christian Evangelical thought that may be far more widespread — and far more harmful to Jews — than previously believed, say religion experts. The remarks by the veteran Knicks guard made during a Bible study session with teammates — that the Jews are Christ killers and that they persecute Christians to this day — point to two troubling developments in Jewish-Christian relations, those experts say.

Reform Targets Teens

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The Reform movement admits it has a big youth problem. North American Judaism’s largest denomination (about 1.5 million members) says it has failed over the past 20 years to retain the interest of the majority of its teenagers past the age of 13. To address the crisis, Rabbi Eric Yoffie, president of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations has announced a half-million-dollar youth initiative to help some of its 875 local congregations develop new programs to entice disinterested teens.

Split On Jerusalem

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When the small Jewish Peace Lobby released a petition signed by 300 liberal rabbis calling for Israel to share Jerusalem in a peace settlement, the response could have been: So what? What’s news about a group of Conservative, Reform and Reconstructionist rabbis advocating a view many experts privately say is inevitable? Not to mention that 800 other non-Orthodox rabbis refused to sign the document.

Clash Of Civilizations

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White House spokesman Ari Fleischer told reporters in June that President Bush believes “Islam is a religion of peace,” but apparently that position did not square with the views of three panelists at a recent interfaith symposium at Temple Emanu-el in Manhattan. At the end of the daylong program, titled “The Challenge of Evil to our Faith Traditions,” panelists representing Christianity, Judaism and Islam all seemed to agree that the issue indeed is Islam itself.

History is Made At Washington Rally

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Washington — They came from Memphis and they came from Midwood. They bused in from Bayside and they rode the rails from Richmond. There were Hoosiers and Bluegrass Staters and a soul or two from Alaska who took a long day’s journey into the Lower 48 wearing their love of the Jewish state — and their fears over its future — on their sleeves.

Hope For The Peace Camp

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George Mitchell knows about hopelessness. In 1998, after two years of leading intense negotiations to stop the violence in Northern Ireland between Catholics and Protestants achieving “little or no progress,” the former Democratic majority leader of the U.S. Senate was branded a failure. But suddenly, when more than 80 percent of the public believed nothing could be changed, a political deal was brokered.

‘Open Season On Jews’

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World Jewry is facing an interfaith crisis with Christians and Muslims over the anti-Jewish tirade spouted by Bashar Assad in the presence of Pope John Paul II, who failed to repudiate the Syrian president. Anxious and irate Jewish leaders this week called for an unprecedented interfaith summit and dashed off letters imploring the Pope to renounce the stunning remarks by Assad. Experts say Assad has elevated anti-Jewish religious charges to dangerous levels.

New, Old Faces In Dialogue

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There are two major personnel changes in the world of Jewish-Christian dialogue, even as meetings between representatives of the two religions continue. On the Catholic side, Pope John Paul II has appointed German Cardinal Walter Kasper to head the Vatican’s Commission on Relations with the Jews – the Roman Catholic Church’s primary representative on Jewish issues.
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