The ‘Ark’ Of Current Events

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Biblical Hollywood has evolved through the decades, from sex-and-sandal epics, to Cecil B.

Before Israel Was 60, She Was 10

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Fifty years ago, April 12, 1958, on the cusp of Israel’s 10th birthday, not its 60th, Abba Eban, then Israel’s ambassador to the United States, sat down for an interview with CBS.
“I’m Mike Wallace,” says the newsman. “The cigarette is Parliament.”
It was a time when journalists almost had to smoke, a haze drifted between the talking heads on an unadorned stage, draped in black.

Writing Israel Off

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When Israel finally flatlines, don’t say The Atlantic didn’t warn you.
In May 2005, Atlantic published a lengthy speculation, “Will Israel Live to 100?” The answer suggested that the Zionist house was built more of twigs than of bricks. Now that Israel is hitting 60, the Atlantic asks again, more ominously and more immediately: “Is Israel Finished?”

Tangled Up In Rav Kook

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Nobody knows what goes on between two people, not even the two people. On Itzchak Marmorstein’s birthday, in 1980, his wife Sharon gave him a gift: an anthology of Abraham Isaac Kook, mystic, poet, and the first chief rabbi of the Yishuv, the early 20th- century settlements that were to become the State of Israel.
The next summer, “we were renting a cottage
Values To Heal America

Building A Movement

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Rabbi Richard Block has advocated religious pluralism for several years from his pulpit in California’s Silicon Valley and on missions to Israel with Reform colleagues. He will continue his activities next year, with a difference. “I will be an Israeli.”

A Valuable Trial

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The end of the first Nazi-era denaturalization trial held in Manhattan marks the beginning of a long wait for a verdict — a decision many court observers believe may favor the defendant. But representatives of local Jewish groups are saying that the trial itself, widely covered in the nation’s media capital, may be as important as the verdict for its educational value.

Bearing Witness

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One testified with his words. Samuel Hilton, a Holocaust survivor, sat in the witness chair and described how he lived through the liquidation of the Warsaw Ghetto. Others testified with their presence. A dozen recent emigres from the former Soviet Union, also Holocaust survivors, occupied the last two rows of the spectators’ section and listened reverently to Hilton. Most wore Jewish stars, made from yellow paper, on their blouses.

Turin’s Witness

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Turin, Italy At a modest exhibition on “Jewish Life and Culture” in the Piedmont region, which the Turin Jewish community hosted during the Olympics in the hall of the State Archives, the first thing a visitor notices is a glass-covered display case with 14 books in a half-dozen European languages. All are the works of Primo Levi, the city’s native son.

‘I Never Saw A Nazi’

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Miriam Bram heard about the Holocaust at home all her life. Three of her grandparents are survivors. She learned the facts in high school, and visited the death camps last year in Poland. This week, during her summer vacation, Bram’s Holocaust education continued — on the 15th floor of the U.S. Federal District Court in lower Manhattan. Bram, 18, a sophomore at Stern College for Women, attended the denaturalization trial of Jack Reimer, a Ukrainian-born retiree accused of concealing his activities as an SS guard during World War II.

The Last Nazi Trial Of The Century

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It is Poland, the winter of 1941-42. Some four dozen Jews from a labor camp are herded one day to an isolated ravine about 20 miles east-southeast of Lublin, where they are shot to death by SS guards stationed at a nearby training base. After the executions, a high-ranking guard appears at the mass grave. Walking on a wooden plank that spans the bulldozed gully, he notices one man 15 feet beneath him moving, still barely alive, point-ing to his head. The guard aims his rifle at the man and shoots. The man stops moving.
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