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The red lines that weren’t: Israeli officials’ talk of an undivided Jerusalem, it turns out, was just that. Getty Images

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We American Jews are always complaining that Israel does a lousy job of hasbara (public relations/propaganda). I beg to differ.

Haaretz Editor Urged Rice To ‘Rape’ Israel

David Landau: Crude language over the top, or well placed?

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Israelis are known for being direct and blunt. But comments made by David Landau, editor of the Israeli daily, Haaretz, to Condoleezza Rice about Israel needing to be “raped” by the U.S. to achieve a Mideast settlement caused quite a stir among the 20 or so attendees at a confidential briefing with the secretary of state on a recent visit to Israel.

Jews Breaking Silence On Diallo Shooting

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Two groups of rabbis were scheduled to converge on police headquarters this week, and if all goes as planned, one group will be arrested while the other is escorted inside to meet with the commissioner. The events point out the divergent paths taken by segments of the Jewish community as it grapples with the police shooting of an unarmed West African immigrant, and how best to respond.

'Tonight We Have Crossed Boundaries'

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The services and readings at Monday's interfaith seder at City College were laden with symbolism and meaning. But for 16-year-old Nicholas Jones, there was nothing more metaphoric than the matzah on his plate. "We are all eating the same flat bread," said Jones, a student at the Manhattan Center for Mathematics and Science in Harlem. "No matter what color we are or what race. It shows that if we all joined together, the world would be a better place."

Rudy's Hot On Jewish Dinner Circuit

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Forget kabbalistic gurus, feminist authors and Orthodox revivalists. The hottest speaker on the national Jewish lecture circuit this year may be a Roman Catholic Republican from New York. Mayor Rudolph Giuliani is racking up Jewish appearances in major cities as he crosses the nation to raise his national profile. "We are getting requests from all over the country," said Bruce Teitelbaum, director of the mayor's political action committee, Solutions America, citing recent and upcoming events in New Jersey, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago and Miami.

Haredi Rally Is Quiet Protest

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There were no political speeches given or placards raised among tens of thousands of ultra-Orthodox who huddled under umbrellas Sunday in Lower Manhattan. There was only the steady hum and slow sway of men and women separately at prayer, calling upon God through the Psalms to right what they see as the wrongs of Israel: its people and its government. "Redeem Israel from all its iniquities," the crowd, estimated at 20,000 to 50,000, beseeched through the recitation of Psalm 130. "If you should take account of iniquities, my Master, who would survive?"

Rockland Pol Seeks 'Constructive' Solution

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Declaring a Monsey landlord's apparent neglect of a complex he owns a disgrace to the community, an Orthodox Rockland County legislator is taking steps to mend fences with local Hispanics. County officials have slapped the Hyenga Lake Development, a Clarkstown bungalow colony populated mostly by Central American immigrants, with more than 70 violations of health, fire and safety codes. The complex is reportedly owned by Rabbi Mendel Wagschal, a member of the Satmar chasidic community in Monsey.

Jewish Outrage In Crown Heights

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Outraged by a continuing series of violent attacks against Jews in Crown Heights, hundreds of protestors from the Chabad-Lubavitch community rallied last Friday in the Brooklyn neighborhood outside the local police precinct calling for a greater police presence and the ouster of the precinct commander.

Lanner To Be Released From Jail Next Week

Rabbi Baruch Lanner, in a New Jersey state prison for three years, will be on parole for four years. New Jersey Department of corrections

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After serving nearly three years for sexually assaulting two teenage girls in his charge in the mid-1990s, Rabbi Baruch Lanner, the former yeshiva principal and a longtime leader of the Orthodox Union’s National Conference of Synagogue Youth, is scheduled to be released from a New Jersey state prison next week, The Jewish Week has learned. The rabbi, 58, was sentenced to up to seven years and has been in custody at Southwoods State Prison in Bridgeton for 35 months, following his conviction for criminal sexual contact.

Nonpartisan Bill A Non-Issue

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In their efforts to scuttle a ballot referendum that would eliminate primary elections, drastically diluting the value of party labels, the state Democratic Party has been sounding warning alarms about the rise of demagogues. The party's leaders note that amending election law to create nonpartisan races in the city has been a top priority for radical activist Lenora Fulani, who has been accused of anti-Semitism and is a frequent candidate for office. They accuse Mayor Michael Bloomberg of kowtowing to Fulani by pushing the initiative through a charter revision commission.
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