WEB EXCLUSIVE: IDF Photos At Harvard Hillel Drawing Ire

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A decision by Harvard University Hillel to host a photo exhibit showing Israeli soldiers mistreating Palestinians drew fire from a national Jewish group this week — and consternation even from some who made the 11th hour decision.   The exhibit, sponsored by a group of Israeli Army veterans seeking to highlight what they view as the moral cost of Israel’s occupation of the West Bank, opened at the Hillel this week and will be on display there through March 16.

Jews Turn Against Torture


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As Attorney General Michael Mukasey’s stand on government torture meets widespread criticism — including, increasingly, from the organized Jewish community — a former Israeli military attorney who oversaw terrorist cases is pushing for the United States to borrow, selectively, from Israel’s approach to the issue. Since a 1999 High Court ruling mandated it, says Amos Guiora, Israel has established a “no-torture-based paradigm” that contain key elements the U.S. should adopt; but also some elements it should avoid.

A Picture Is Worth...

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When David Horowitz, the prominent right-wing Internet pamphleteer, slapped Joel Beinin’s face on the cover of his new booklet, “Campus Support for Terrorism,”쳌 the unabashedly left-wing Stanford history professor faced a quandary.

Hoenlein Backing Off Apparent Swipe At Obama

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The drumbeat call for “change” coming from the campaign of presidential candidate Barack Obama is generating “legitimate concern over the zeitgeist around the campaign,” the head of American Jewry’s primary umbrella group reportedly said Tuesday.

Liberal ’Hood Torn


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For the storied liberals of Manhattan’s Upper West Side, the race between Sens. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination posed a tough choice. Few denied feeling torn. But based on random interviews with roughly evenly divided Jewish voters as they emerged from several polling sites, it seemed that many who chose Obama hungered for the excitement of a candidate they believed could inspire broad transformative change for the country.

Tables Turn On Arab School Critics

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A key leader of the group opposing a new, Arab-focused public school in Brooklyn is a virulent opponent of a democratic Jewish state who denounces “Zionist Israel” and calls on it to “cast off the yoke of liberal democracy.”

ADL Chief To Obama: ‘Confront Your Pastor’ On Minister Farrakhan


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The leader of the Anti-Defamation League called presidential candidate Barack Obama’s spiritual mentor and pastor a "black racist" Tuesday and called upon the Illinois Democrat to "confront his minister" on his embrace of Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan.

New Principal For Arabic School

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Five months after its founding principal left under a storm of media controversy, New York City’s only dual language and culture Arabic-English public school has a new principal. The Department of Education named Holly Reichert, a former Peace Corps volunteer who has taught in Cairo and Damascus, and directed an English department in a school in Bahrain, as permanent principal of the Khalil Gibran International Academy Tuesday.

Bhutto And The Jews: A Love Story


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As Pakistan’s prime minister in the mid-1990s, Benazir Bhutto sponsored the fundamentalist Taliban insurgency in neighboring Afghanistan — thereby bringing to power the force that would shelter and defend Osama bin Laden. Bhutto also unstintingly backed Pakistan’s covert nuclear weapons program as a response to the program of arch-rival India, including her country’s decision, while she was opposition leader, to conduct Pakistan’s first nuclear bomb tests in 1998, bringing to fruition the world’s first "Islamic bomb."

Israeli Policy On Iran ‘Paralyzed’

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For Israel this week, it was as if nothing had changed. One week after an official U.S. National Intelligence Estimate effectively shrank to near zero the chances of a Bush administration military strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities — or President Bush’s support for an Israeli strike — Israel continued to talk up its feasibility.
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