Mixed Bag On European Bias

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In England, a prominent politician with a reputation as an anti-Semite is defeated in a re-election bid. In France, three policemen shout anti-Semitic slogans and make the Nazi salute in a bar. In the United States, a leading spokesman for European Jewry brings a cautionary message about the “current state of anti-Semitism” on the European continent.

Forward-Thinking Fundraiser

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The chasidic rabbi who made his name in Israel’s schoolyards and discotheques is reaching out in another arena. This time it’s basketball. Again.

A Landmark Tour

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The architecture of the synagogue is unique, the renovations are impressive and the history is compelling. But what wows the visitors are the crumbling plaster wall and the bare wooden planks.

Pulpit Fiction

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Which candidate will Yeshivas Lita, an institution of advanced talmudic learning here, choose as its new leader: the elderly and learned son/grandson of the school’s previous roshei yeshiva, or the younger and more charismatic faculty member who has no family ties to the yeshiva? To find out, you’ll have to read “The Search Committee.”

A Banner Week For Israel

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They were showing the flag a lot in Israel this week. And a lot of flags. Preceded by Yom HaZikaron, the annual day of remembrance for the soldiers who have fallen in Israel’s defense, Yom Ha'Atzmaut, Israel Independence Day, marked the country’s 60th birthday. There were fireworks and torch lightings, concerts and speeches,  a bike race and Bedouin festival, TV documentaries and parachute shows. And it all began with the raising of the state flag at Mount Herzl.

Intifada Spurs Increased Giving

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Four months before Hadassah was to kick off a major fund-raising campaign for an emergency medical center in Jerusalem, at the beginning of 2002, 9-11 happened. The American economy crashed. Americans donated their shrinking amount of charity dollars to the terrorist attack's relief effort. "We were scared to death," says Joyce Rabin, Hadassah's coordinator of development. Maybe the drive for the new hospital would fail.

Warren Buffett's Kosher Connection

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The story of the Jewish student at Columbia University who wrote a letter a few years ago to Warren Buffett, asking for an internship at Berkshire Hathaway, the Omaha insurance and investment firm where Buffett is CEO, is already lore in parts of Omaha's small-but-close-knit Jewish community. Multi-billionaire Buffett receives many such missives, but he liked something about that letter. He offered the student an internship. And when Ian Jacobs, an Orthodox Jew from Toronto, finished his MBA at Columbia two years ago, Buffett hired him as a personal assistant.

Hard Times Meet JCPA: Jewish Group Braces for Deeper Recession

Washington Correspondent

Reports from the field will be grim when delegates to this year’s Jewish Council for Public Affairs plenum gather in Washington on Sunday — the first major Jewish meeting since the economic furies hit full force and the first since the inauguration of President Barack Obama.

In Detroit, soaring unemployment, home foreclosures and bankruptcies are battering a proud, prosperous Jewish community, and local agencies — already facing budget cuts — are scrambling to keep up.

Darfur’s Back In Focus

Washington Correspondent

Remember Darfur? The region of western Sudan where an ongoing genocide has generated plenty of hand wringing and periodic protests but not much serious action by the world?

A couple of years ago it was a top issue for several Jewish organizations and it still is — but it’s hard to tell, what with overwhelming concerns about an imploding economy and an ever more dangerous Mid- East.
Well, the Jewish Council for Public Affairs (JCPA) may draw some attention back to the issue.

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