Amy Schumer, New Joan Rivers?

The Jewish comedy queen busting the patriarchy, one sketch at a time.

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Amy Schumer is hot right now.

Comedy Queen Amy Schumer. Getty Images.

Rabbi Starts Sex Toy Business

Kosher has a new flavor for Orthodox Jews.

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Rabbi Natan Alexander, 34, has cooked up a kosher business for a non-kosher subject: the manufacturing and distribution of sex toys for Orthodox Jews.

Don Greenberg: The Interview

A SUNY-Binghamton graduate pre-recorded his commencement speech in order to avoid speaking into a microphone on Shabbat.

German Anti-Semitism Panel Adds Jewish Members After Outcry


Berlin — Two Jewish experts have been appointed belatedly to a government expert panel on anti-Semitism, after protests by Jewish groups.

U.S. Approves Sale Of $1.8 Billion In Advanced Munitions To Israel


Washington — The Obama administration approved the sale of $1.8 billion worth of munitions to Israel, including precision guidance devices and bunker-busting bombs.

Palestinians Reject Israeli Soccer Proposal, Pushing Ahead With Suspension Vote


The Palestinian Football Association rejected an Israeli proposal to address its grievances and will move forward with a motion to expel Israel from international soccer play.

Maimonides’ God In The Age Of Pew

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Is God a Threat to Religion?”

It sounds like a question that could have come out of the newly released Pew Research Center survey of “America’s Changing Religious Landscape,” which found a fast-growing number of Americans who are atheist, agnostic or “nothing in particular.”

Author Michah Goodman at Jewish Week event. Michael Datikash/JW

Jews And Rock: Taking It On The Road


Like Bob Dylan’s “Duquesne Whistle” train (“I’m gonna stop in Carbondale, and keep on going”), Michael Dorf has an idea for a museum that banks on rock and roll’s penchant for the open road (or track).

From here to Hibbing: Bob Dylan’s journey will be part of new traveling exhibition.

‘Peeping Rabbi’ Victims Weigh In On Sentence

Emotional court sentencing leaves victims and synagogue members satisfied.

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At Rabbi Barry Freundel’s sentencing last Friday in a Washington, D.C., courtroom, 28-year-old Kate Bailey wore an orange cardigan to symbolize the prison uniform she hoped he would soon wear.

A court sketch of Rabbi Barry Freundel at last week’s sentencing.  YouTube via JTA
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