Israel’s President To U.S. Military Chief: ‘I Was Born In Jerusalem And I Am Israeli’


Jerusalem — Israeli President Reuven Rivlin told the chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff at a Jerusalem meeting, “I was born in Jerusalem and I am Israeli.”

Adelson Summit Raised At Least $20 Million To Fight BDS On Campus


A summit to organize against anti-Israel boycotts and anti-Israel activity on campus hosted by U.S. billionaire Sheldon Adelson raised at least $20 million.

Luxembourg Apologizes For Role In WWII Persecution Of Jews


Luxembourg apologized for its authorities’ role in the persecution of Jews during the World War II occupation by the Nazis.

Judge: Upstate Bias Suit Can Proceed

Did Sullivan County towns discriminate against chasidic Jews in housing issue?

Staff Writer

A real estate developer has “provided detailed and legally sufficient allegations” to suggest that two Sullivan County municipalities “intentionally acted to discriminate against chasidic Jews” when they blocked construction of a 396-unit townhouse marketed to them.

In Mideast’s Democratic Oasis, Press Freedom Is Scrutinized

New report gives Israel “free press” status, but journalists cry foul at lack of access in West Bank and Gaza.

Israel Correspondent

Jerusalem — Israel, considered a bastion of press freedom in the Middle East, is the only country in the region to achieve “Free Press” status in Freedom of the Press 2015, the latest edition of an annual report published by Freedom House, an independent watchdog organization dedicated to the expansion of freedom around the world.

A conference on Freedom of the Press held at the Jerusalem Press Club attracted journalists from 26 countries. Michal Fattal

Where Mincha Goes Ecstatic

Culture Editor

Come Saturday, one of the longest Shabbat afternoons of the year, Rabbi Jessica Minnen is hosting what may be the city’s first Ecstatic Mincha, an opportunity to pray with your entire body.

Praying with your entire body: Rabbi Jessica Minnen’s Ecstatic Mincha.  Courtesy of Jessica Minnen

A Scholarship That Keeps On Giving

Editor and Publisher

Dr. Sarit Buzaglo’s career trajectory from high school dropout to computer science postdoc is an Israeli success story she attributes directly to ISEF, the foundation dedicated to giving disadvantaged Israeli youth an opportunity to succeed.

ISEF president Nina Weiner and International Fellow Sarit Buzaglo. Courtesy of ISEF Foundation

Gay-Conversion Trial Opens Window On Orthodox Debate

Fraud suit against Jewish group’s homosexuality ‘cure’ puts spotlight on divide over sexual orientation in frum world.

Special To The Jewish Week

Jersey City, N.J. — The only time Benjamin “Benji” Unger lost his composure on the stand was when recounting how he stopped talking to his mother for several months after his gay conversion therapist suggested that his closeness with his mother was a root cause for his homosexuality.

Only 19 at the time, Unger, a Borough Park native, started seeing a conversion therapist when he told his parents that he was attracted to men. His father directed him to the only resource he knew: a conversion therapy nonprofit JONAH, Jews Offering New Alternatives to Healing.

Benjamin Unger testifying in the JONAH trial in Jersey City. Courtesy of The Star-Ledger

‘This Is A Jewish Cause’

Growing number of Jewish groups back East Ramapo oversight bill; board says funding, not supervision, is needed

Staff Writer

A bill to install a state monitor to oversee the charedi-majority school board in upstate East Ramapo is gaining increasing support among Jewish groups.

Protests over budget cuts are frequent at East Ramapo school board meetings. Michael Datikash/JW

Other Kulturfest Musical Highlights


Lerner and Moguilevsky. Cesar Lerner and Marcelo Moguilevsky are the supremely gifted Argentine duo whose exploration of the interweaving threads of klezmer and tango has produced some of the most enchanting recordings to cross this desk. Sunday, June 14, Museum of Jewish Heritage (36 Battery Pl.), 2:30 p.m.

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