Swastikas Found In Dorm At Northeastern U.


Swastikas were drawn on a campus dormitory board at Northeastern University in Boston.

Swastikas Painted On Jewish Frat House At Vanderbilt


Two swastikas were spray-painted on a Jewish fraternity house at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tenn.

The vandalism occurred early Saturday morning at Alpha Epsilon Pi and was discovered after a party there, the Vanderbilt Hustler student newspaper reported. The swastikas were drawn in the elevator and on a basement door.

London Neighborhood Again Vandalized With Swastikas


More than 20 cars and buildings in a Jewish community in north London were vandalized with swastikas.

Swastika Supporters Want Their Wrapping Paper Back

Staff Writer

Not only Nazis love the swastika.

After last week’s national recall of Walgreens wrapping paper containing a subtle (but inadvertent) swastika pattern, a religious group that embraces the swastika as a symbol of peace is protesting the decision.

 The Reaelians, a movement that reveres the symbol, pushed back. via nbc.com

Tufts University Vandalized Again With Swastikas


Swastikas were found spray-painted on a Tufts University building for the third time in nearly two years.

Swastika Supporters Want Their Wrapping Paper Back

One day after Walgreens pulls the paper, members of the Raelian movement push for a recall of the recall.

Staff Writer

Not only Nazis love the swastika.

Walgreens recalls wallpaper with a swastika pattern. Via NBC.com

Hitler, Everywhere: A List

Hitler featured on Swiss coffee creamers are just one of many products bearing the Nazi leader's likeness.

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It's not enough that Switzerland was "neutral" during the war, now they have to put Hitler on their coffee creamer?

Customers discovered the containers in German cafés and Swiss train stations, according to The New York Times; some creamers also featured the face of the Italian Fascist leader, Mussolini.

Swiss company Migros apologizes for the Hitler oversight. Dw.de

Firebomb Thrown At Kiev’s Oldest Synagogue


Kiev’s oldest synagogue was the target of a firebomb that burst into flames outside the building.

N.Y. Cabbie Suspended For Swastika Armband


The New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission suspended a driver for a month for wearing a swastika armband.

The Anti-Defamation League’s New York regional office, which brought the complaint against the cabbie, praised the suspension.

An Opera Singer’s Final Scene


Some cross words were exchanged at a prominent cultural festival in Germany last week.

Not angry words – words about a politically symbolic cross, the swastika.

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