Summer Wine

Wines For An Early New Year

Top picks to serve during a summery Rosh HaShanah.
08/26/2013 - 20:00
Special To The Jewish Week

For the first time in decades, Rosh HaShanah falls during the very early days of September, and in New York, that usually means we’re in for a hot and humid holiday. When it comes to choosing wines to serve on that first night of the New Year, the wine lover will likely find himself in a quandary: On the one hand, traditional dishes such as brisket and tongue call for full-bodied red wines; on the other hand, a glass or two of a really big wine can make the summer heat seem even more oppressive. The trick is to find wines with enough body to stand up to traditional fare, but not so much body as to make the weather seem overbearing.

Teal Lake Reserve Shiraz offers a full-bodied red wine at a moderate price.
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