Robin Williams, ‘Honorary Jew’

Jews are among the many mourners of 'Genie,' 'Mrs. Doubtfire' and 'John Keating.'

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No, Robin Williams wasn’t a Member of the Tribe. His original name wasn’t Wilamovich.

But many American Jews assumed that he was a Jew.

Actor and comedian Robin Williams died yesterday by apparent suicide. He was 63. Getty Images.

Ex-Chasidic Mother’s Death Seen As ‘Tipping Point’

Deb Tambor’s suspected suicide leads to outcry about lack of resources for women in custody fights against haredi community.

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If snapshots could tell the story of a person’s existence, then by all accounts, recent pictures of Deb Tambor showed only happiness and a complete life being lived to the fullest.

Deb Tambor with her partner Abe Weiss

An 'Inclusion Shabbat' Includes Awareness Of Depression And Suicide

Each year, Oceanside Jewish Center (OJC) on Long Island hosts a special Inclusion Shabbat to focus upon issues and challenges affecting adults and children with disabilities in the synagogue and Jewish community as a whole. The weekend is named for and honors, Harriet Seifman (wife of the co-author), who worked with children with special needs her entire career, both as a teacher and as an administrator.

Elijah's Journey is a depression and suicide awareness organization. Photo courtesy Ef Epstein

This Hoax Wasn’t OK In The UK

Two radio disc jockeys from Australia had a great idea for a hoax – or so it seemed at the time – last week.

Facebook and Anorexia

According to clinical psychologist Esther Altmann, writing on the MyJewishLearning website, "Anorexia and bulimia are most prevalent within upwardly mobile demographic groups, and are amongst the most emotionally and physically devastating disorders affecting young Jewish women. The Jewish community has become increasingly aware that eating disorders are a serious health concern and, in some cases, a life threatening condition."

Is Facebook use contributing to eating disorders in young women?

'Bullying Is Antithetical To Judaism': An Open Letter to Jewish Teens and College Students

Special to the Jewish Week

Dear Friends,

Like many in North America I was saddened by the recent suicide of Rutgers University freshmen Tyler Clementi. I feel for his family and friends. May their memories of him be a comfort.

As I have been reflecting on the events that led to his death and discussing it with my family, friends, and colleagues, a few thoughts come to mind. I'd like to share them with you because I know you are also thinking about this tragedy.

Rabbi Steven Wernick
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