Stuxnet virus

Israel Denies Link To Computer Virus Used To Spy On Iran Talks

06/10/2015 - 20:00

Jerusalem — Israel has denied reports that it is linked to a computer virus used to spy on European hotels hosting the Iran nuclear talks.

Snowden Says U.S., Israel Created Stuxnet Virus Used Against Iran

07/08/2013 - 20:00

Whistleblower Edward Snowden told a German magazine that Israel and the United States created the Stuxnet computer virus that destroyed nuclear centrifuges in Iran. 

Snowden made the statement as part of an interview with the German news magazine Der Spiegel in which he answered encrypted questions sent by security software developer Jacob Appelbaum and documentary filmmaker Laura Poitras. Excerpts of the interview were published Monday on the Spiegel website.

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