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Apple’s Jerusalem Problem

Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky, an influential ultra-Orthodox rabbi, says it is forbidden for religious Jews to own an iPhone and has instructed his followers to burn the device if they own one. It’s not that Kanievsky sides with Android in the smartphone war, but that he’s concerned about what observant Jews will see with such a device. Burning ones iPhone seems a drastic measure, but Kanievsky wasn’t the only Jewish leader with angst against Apple’s iPhone this week.

While Google Maps lists Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, Apple's new operating system omits it.

Getting to No: How to Refuse a Request

jewish Week Online Columnist

When Columbia Business School professor Sheena Iyengar, author of The Art of Choosing, tried to order a cup of green tea with sugar in Japan, she never expected to have her simple request refused. The waiter’s explanation? “We don’t put sugar in green tea.” Iyengar respectfully remarked that she understood that the while the Japanese don’t put sugar in their green tea, in her native India, green tea is often enjoyed sweet. Once again, the waited told her no.

Deborah Grayson Riegel

Jabs At Jobs

The recent remarks by Britain’s chief rabbi, Jonathan Sacks, about Steve Jobs and his role in driving worldwide consumerism – the attachment of happiness and fulfillment to owning modern products – were refreshing in their bluntness.

British Chief Rabbi Backtracks After Jobs Jabs


(JTA) -- Britain's Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks was not criticizing Steve Jobs when he said the late co-founder of Apple created a selfish society based on consumerism, the rabbi's office said.

Best Jewish Apps of 2010 for iPhone & Android

 My list of the Best Jewish Apps of 2010 here at The Jewish Week has generated a lot of attention. The list of thirty-three apps for the iPhone, iPad and Android phones has been reposted on several blogs around the Web.

With hundreds of thousands of apps available for download, there's no dearth of Jewish themed apps - from useful to kitschy!

Update on Israel's iPad Ban

The Blogosphere has been abuzz about the news that Israel banned the Apple iPad from its borders until an acceptable international version which meets European specifications is released.

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