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Birth Control, Jewish Law Collide At Stern

Rare forum on contraception draws a crowd, and pushback.

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For the Stern College women gathered for a lecture on birth control and Jewish law last week, it wasn’t an easy pill to swallow.

Fertile ground for controversy: Stern College Rabbi Moshe Kahn addresses students. Hannah Dreyfus/JW
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Yeshiva University To Sell 10 Buildings Near Its Campus

Apartments, home to young Jewish couples, helped area revival.

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Yeshiva University confirmed this week that it will soon sell 10 apartment houses in the immediate vicinity of its Washington Heights campus, helping to alleviate some of the school’s precarious financial situation, but at the same time threatening the Jewish character of the neighborhood.

A Matchmaker Named Sandy

With Stern students evacuated uptown, Yeshiva University enjoyed a brief taste of co-ed life.

Editorial Intern

A female student helping herself to dinner in the Yeshiva University cafeteria usually stands out like plant life on Mars. But, in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and the resulting influx of 200 Stern College women onto the men’s Washington Heights campus, the usual monotonous cafeteria scene was transformed.

Men and women, equally represented, stood together in lines and sat together at lunch tables, chatting, laughing and enjoying the co-ed hiatus.

Stern girls and YU guys in the lounge. Mordechai Tiefenbrunn

Writing Her Way To A New Life

Documenting the fraught journey from Jay to Joy Ladin.

Jewish Week Book Critic

In an interview, Joy Ladin begins several responses, “When I started living as myself…” For the Stern College professor, poet and author, the boundary between then and now, between living a lie and leading an authentic life, is her transition from man to woman.

For Ladin, her transition from man to woman is an experience of rebirth.
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