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Brain Freeze In Washington

The Siberian Express that brought severe cold weather to Washington over the past week was responsible for some severe cases of brain freeze inside the Beltway.

Kerry Calls Netanyahu, Apologizes For Anonymous ‘Chickenshit’ Remark


Jerusalem — U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry in a phone call to Benjamin Netanyahu apologized for a U.S. official’s anonymous attack describing the Israeli prime minister as “chickenshit.”

U.S. Slams Israel’s Reported Approval Of Eastern Jerusalem Housing Plans


Jerusalem — The United States condemned the reported approval by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to plan construction of at least 1,000 new housing units in eastern Jerusalem Jewish neighborhoods.

Setting The Stage For Third Intifada?

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, unlike his predecessor Yasser Arafat, meant it when he renounced terrorism and publicly pursued negotiations as the path to peace with Israel, but sometimes his rhetoric makes you wonder.

U.S., U.N. Call for ‘Transparent’ Probe Of Fatal Nakba Day Shooting


The U.S. State Department and the United Nations Security Council called on the Israeli government to launch an investigation into the killing of two Palestinian teens by Israeli soldiers.

New York Times: Israel To Expand In East Jerusalem

Planned location would block connection between Jerusalem neighborhoods and Palestinian cities.

Hours after the United Nations General Assembly voted over the objections of Israel and the United States to upgrade the Palestinians' status, the government of Israel decided to move forward on the construction of housing in a controversial part of East Jerusalem, the New York Times reports.

Netanyahu speaking in front of the Jewish east Jerusalem settlement of Gilo. Getty Images

U.S. Transfers $40 Million In Aid To Palestinians


The United States transferred $40 million in foreign assistance to the Palestinians. 

The Associated Press reported Thursday that congressional lawmakers released the funds, which amount to 20 percent of the $187 million in foreign assistance from fiscal year 2011 that was held up by Congress in response to the Palestinians' actions at the United Nations. 

The assistance that the U.S. is  for humanitarian and economic purposes and not for security assistance.

U.S. Fears Pro-Palestinian Attacks On Embassies

U.S. diplomats, not only in the Middle East, are "incredibly nervous" that angry pro-Palestinian mobs will attack American embassies and other installations in retaliation for opposing Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' application for UN recognition of Palestine, according to Congressional sources briefed by the State Department.

White House Changes Web Site In Passport Flap

Staff Writer

Just days after the Zionist Organization of America pointed out in a legal brief that the U.S. government routinely refers to Jerusalem as a part of Israel, the White House changed its Web site to remove the designation.

Tim Boxer: Global Anti-Semitism Flourishing

Special to the Jewish Week

As a child Hannah Rosenthal was quite aware of the Holocaust. It was a household word. Other families had large gatherings with aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents. You could count her family reunions on one hand.

That’s because 72 years ago, during Kristalnacht, her father, Rabbi Franz Rosenthal, and many of his congregants were sent to Buchenwald. Every other person in his family perished in Auschwitz. He alone survived.

He never knew the date his parents died so he’d say kaddish on their birthdays.

State Department’s Hannah Rosenthal and niece Faye Zemel at U.S. Holocaust Memorial benefit. Photo by Tim Boxer
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