Like Alice, A Singleton On The Spectrum Struggles To Take Her Own Advice

Have you ever seen the 1951 animated Disney film Alice in Wonderland? It’s my favorite Disney movie; according to my mother, I used to quote it all of the time as a kid, and wore out the VHS tape from so many repeat watches. One moment I relate to now, as an adult, is when Alice admits to herself that she always gives herself “very good advice… But I very seldom follow it.” I know how you feel, Alice. I have, at this point, acquired something of a reputation as a go-to person when it comes to topics related to romance, sex, and dating for autistic people.

The author loves Wonderland and sometimes feels she's living in it. Fotolia

Summer Camp Cliffhanger, Pt. 1

Editor's Note: This post is the first of four parts. The second will run tomorrow and will reveal the author's thoughts about specialized and inclusive camps as she anticipates her son's summer.

With spring on the wing, many families are eagerly awaiting the expansive, sunshine-filled days of summer. But those of us parenting children with special needs often see the school-free summer as an annual albatross.

Rebecca Schorr
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