Jews Still Can’t Find J Street In Washington

After almost two years of existence, J Street, a left-wing political peace movement, still cannot be found on any pro-Israel map of Washington, D.C. Google maps and GPS are equally unable to identify the controversial lobby. “I’m sorry I don’t think there is a J street in D.C.,” said a confused Zionist tourist checking his map again.

“Did you say it was pro-Israel? Nope, I got nothing here.” Map officials say that J Street can be found on pro-Palestinian maps of Washington, though.

“If you open a detailed map and look all the way to the left you’re sure to find it,” asserted Lawson Found, chair of Charting Your Course Maps of D.C. Jeremy Ben-Oyvey, who heads J Street, said he could explain the problem. “Since I’m the founder of this group, it was easy for me to find,” he said.

“But maybe people are looking in the wrong place for us. We may be quick to criticize the Israeli government on any issue, but support its legitimacy; we feel sorrier for the people of Gaza then the folks in the settlements; and we are embarrassed by the actions of religious Jews.

So that should tell you we can always be found in Ha’aretz.”