Informant In Syrian Rabbi Case Can’t Stop Squealing

 Heading into the trial of three Syrian rabbis accused of money laundering, the man who reportedly ratted them out has told authorities his own children cheated on the regents exam and his cleaning woman doesn’t pay taxes.

In an affidavit exclusively obtained by The Jewish Weak, Solomon Drek also said his kiddush club president has been filling up empty 18-year-old Scotch bottles with cheaper 12-year-old single malt and pocketing the difference.

Further, Drek offered to wear a wire to prove that his best friend was going to the track when he told his family he was doing to a Gemara shiur.

“We think he may be taking the whole informant thing a bit too far,” said Fern Krakowawicz, a prosecutor in the New Jersey U.S. attorney’s office who spoke on condition that her name be spelled right.

Drek, through his lawyer, declined to comment. In related news, a source close to the family said he had caused tension in his family for making a mess in the kitchen whenever his wife tried to make cholent.