Four Arrested At JCPA Debate On Civility

 Ashoving match erupted at the Jewish Council for Public Affairs plenum last week when officials introduced a resolution for more civility in Jewish discourse. 

Opponents of the measure from the Jewish federation of Boise were arrested when they scuffled with three supporters of the resolution, who were from the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Spokane.

“Not quite what we had in mind,” said JCPA executive director and politeness consultant Rabbi Steve Goodshow. “But in a way it just reinforces the point.”

Goodshow said he felt there was some evidence of progress, however.  During the debate, when a representative of the Zionist Organization of America told a Peace Now activist a “you’re a good-for-nothing sycophantic jihadi apologist,” he quickly added “sir.”

And when the Peace Now activist retorted with “drop dead,” he promptly added “please.”

Later in the day, when an Orthodox Union representative told a Reform leader to “get lost,” he politely held the door open and offered the man bus fare. “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” said Rabbi Goodshow, before pausing to break up a fistfight.

In an unrelated story, the Society of Kashrus Organizations’ weekend session on issues related to liquor and beer in New Orleans was extended from  Sunday to mid-week, when the rabbis insisted they needed more samples before they could decide if the liquor was kosher.