At The Movies

The Wolf Of The Wall—A playboy hits on women at the Kotel
Crowded With A Chance of Meatballs—Congregants rush to the kiddush tables
Froyzen— Chasidic remake of “Frozen”
The Hondle Games—Jews bargain with store merchants
American Hassle--Israel refuses to recognize legitimacy of U.S. rabbis
Loin Survivor—Baby boy is circumcised
Her – How Orthodox congregants prefer to refer to brilliant, learned female clergy.
Dollars Buyers Club—Rabbis run money-laundering operation
Cavity—Jewish dentist is stranded in outer space
13 Years A Slave—Bar mitzvah boy celebrates his freedom
August: Sullivan County—Jews invade Catskills for the summer
Nebrisket—Man searches the Midwest for the best kosher deli
Non-Stop—UJA fundraiser solicits his friends and strangers
The Secret Loaf Of Walter Mitty—Man nibbles on a challah hidden in his tallis bag on Yom Kippur
The Butter—White House servant errs while serving a kosher meat meal
Shaving Mr. Banks—Man cuts off his beard on Lag b’Omer