A collection of 17 never before released songs that clearly show the Beatles had been influenced by Jewish doctrine (and you wondered why two of Paul’s three wives were Jewish!) Enjoy the “Frum Four” as they play these soon-to-become classics:

This album has been approved by Torah sages.
This album has been approved by Torah sages.

1) The Shul on the Hill
2) Hey Jew
3) This Bochur
4) I Saw Her Shuckling There
5) Six Days a Week
6) When I’m 120. 
7) All You Need is Lulav
8) Do You Want to Know a Secret? (No, It’s Lashon  Harah!)
9) Eleanor’s Rabbi
10) Shlep! (I Need Somebody)
11) I Want to Hold Your Hand (But You’re Shomer Negiyah)
12) It Won’t Be Long (The Mohel’s Song)
13) P.S. I Love OU
14) Strawberry Fields Forbidden
15) This Goy