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For Simcha Food, Less Is Suddenly More

Small entrée plates, mini desserts are new trends; dairy weddings on the rise, too.
Editorial Assistant
11/29/2010 - 19:00

When it comes to the food at kosher weddings, bar mitzvahs and catered events these days, small is, well, big. Small portions, that is.

“The biggest trend we’re seeing is small plates,” said Ellen Vaknine, vice president of sales at Esprit Events, a glatt-kosher caterer based in Manhattan. “Three small, entrée-type food items on a plate as the main dish,” so that guests can enjoy several different dishes at one time, Vaknine adds.

Guests at Justine Fisher and Rob Alloway’s wedding enjoyed a dairy dinner, which enabled them to have rich, decadent desserts.
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