Of Waiters And Jumpers

When’s the right time to marry?

10/08/2013 - 20:00
Contributing Editor

We’ve seen him around, that salt-and-pepper-haired, 40-something Paul Newman lookalike. At the center of a Jewish young professionals’ event, he’s surrounded by a bevy of dark-haired women. He’s charismatic. He’s successful. He takes the time to kibitz with everyone who approaches him.

Heather Robinson

Would A Crystal Ball Into Our Future Make Dating More Fun?

You know how a certain image just gets burned in your memory?

Here’s one of mine.

A bunch of years ago, when I worked at a library in Chicago, a colleague came into my office. She was in her mid-30s, very lovely, and had had a tough time finding her missing link.

Miracle of Miracles: The Lady's Son Really Is Single!

I had one of Oprah’s “Aha!” moments this morning while giving Mister Trevor Dog his vitamin C, fish oil, vitamin e, glucosamine…

Where was I?

Oh, yes, back at the doggy old age home where the two of us share vitamins, minerals and the Haaretz Books section, even though those criminals won’t let me review books for them…..

What Happens When a Dating Columnist Has No Dates?

You know the Dylan song, You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go?

That's how I feel about my dog, Mister Trevor.

The Secret Behind Never Being Single Again

Visualization is my new thing.

As in, The Secret, which I just discovered. I know, I know, ‘tis a lot like saying, “Hey! I just saw a great movie. Forest Gump! Heard of it?”

Which is another way of saying, I’ve got my finger on the pulse, people!

The Gentleman Caller is Always Cute and Never Single

Let’s just cut the chase: The guy’s married.

Of course he’s married! They are always, but always, married!

So you would think by now that I would have caught on.

But no.

As my friend, Emily Dickinson said, “Hope is the thing with feathers.”

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