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Survivor Confronts Nazi Guard At Trial

Indiana’s Eva Kor, face to face with Oskar Groening during recess in German court.

04/22/2015 - 20:00
Staff Writer

It happened during the lunch recess Tuesday, the first day of the trial in Germany of the former Auschwitz guard being tried on 300,000 counts of complicity in the murder of Hungarian Jews who were sent to the gas chambers in the summer of 1944.

Eva Kor approaching Oskar Groening during a recess in trial of Auschwitz guard. Courtesy of Eva Kor

UNESCO Shifts Course On Israel Exhibit, Sets Opening For June

01/21/2014 - 19:00

UNESCO, the cultural arm of the United Nations, said it will delay for six months the opening of an exhibition on the Jewish presence in the land of Israel.

U.S. Presses UNESCO On Cancellation Of Jews In Israel Exhibit

01/19/2014 - 19:00

WASHINGTON (JTA) — The Obama administration is “deeply disappointed” with a decision by UNESCO, the United Nation’s cultural arm, to cancel the opening of an exhibition on the Jewish presence in the land of Israel and is seeking its placement “as soon as possible.”

Cuomo Push To Beef-Up Anti-Bullying Law Cheered By Jewish Orgs

Governor’s proposal inspired by allegations of repeated of anti-Semitic assaults in Orange County school district.

01/13/2014 - 19:00
Staff Writer

Jewish groups welcomed Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s proposal to amend the state law to strip school officials of their teaching/administrator’s certification if they fail to report a pattern of racial or religious discrimination or harassment to the State Education Department, the Division of Human Rights and the State Police.

Gov. Cuomo’s call for tougher legislation came during his recent State of the State address. Getty Images

Wiesenthal Center Lists Top 10 Anti-Jewish Slurs Of 2013

01/01/2014 - 19:00

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is number one on the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s list of Top Ten Anti-Semitic/Anti-Israel Slurs.

Referring to Israel as the “rabid dog in the region,” Khamenei also said: “Its leaders look like beasts and cannot be called human,” according to the list released on Tuesday.

Pick Your Poison

Wiesenthal Center calls for Hitler booze boycott.
08/19/2013 - 20:00
Staff Writer

L’chaim it ain’t.

Pick your poison. Photo courtesy Simon Wiesenthal Center

British Paper Tracks Down Top Nazi In Budapest

07/14/2012 - 20:00

A fugitive Nazi war criminal who helped send 15,700 Jews to their deaths has been tracked down in Budapest by a British tabloid newspaper.

The Sun newspaper on Sunday reported that it had found 97-year-old Ladislaus Csizsik-Csatary with the help of information supplied by the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Israel.

Obama’s Speech: Groups Split Along Predictable Lines

05/19/2011 - 20:00
Staff Writer

President Barack Obama’s call for Israel to withdraw to its pre-1967 borders with “mutually agreed swaps” in order to create a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza has split the American Jewish community along predictable lines: one right-wing group denounced Obama as the “most hostile president to Israel ever,” while centrist and left-wing groups commended him.

Jewish Groups Congratulate Egypt, Hope for Continued Peace

02/10/2011 - 19:00

WASHINGTON (JTA) -- In initial statements, Jewish groups congratulated Egyptians on ousting Hosni Mubarak and expressed hope for continued peace with Israel.

Debate Rages on Over Palin’s ‘Blood Libel’ Claim

01/17/2011 - 19:00

WASHINGTON (JTA) -- The post-shooting debate over political civility is cooling down, but passions are still raging over Sarah Palin’s claim that critics were guilty of perpetuating a “blood libel” against her.

Palin’s initial use of the term, in a Jan. 12 video message, drew sharp rebukes from liberal, Jewish groups and even some conservatives. Since then, however, several Jewish notables, including Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach and former New York Mayor Ed Koch have defended Palin’s use of the term.

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