Holy Brothers and Sisters: Our Brother’s Keepers

As part of Jewish Disability Awareness Month 2012, my daughter Shaina, now 11, addressed a group of third through sixth graders at Temple Israel Center in White Plains. This is what she said:

“Hi, my name is Shaina and I am 8 years old.  I have a brother and his name is Avi. He is 11 years old. Avi loves to play like all other kids but he plays in a different way. He loves the things that other kids love, like music, videos, games and other things. But Avi behaves differently and learns differently because he has autism. This means that his brain works differently and it is hard for him to make friends and understand like other kids his age. 

The Steinhart siblings. Courtesy of Michelle Steinhart

Our Child's Disability Lowered Our Expectations For His Siblings

A child with developmental delays has a major impact on his siblings' lives.

An obvious statement, right? How could other siblings not be affected by the amount of attention and focus on the one with bigger needs?

Except that’s not what I mean.

Chore chart. Photo courtesy Rabbi Rebecca Schorr

Mother's Day: The Fantasy And The Reality, With Autism

I wonder what Mother’s Day is like in other families. The ones without kids on the autism spectrum.

Motherhood is bliss! Right? Right? Fotolia
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