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Lessons From Leiby


The Jewish community shares the pain of the Kletzky family in the wake of the tragic death of eight-year-old Leiby. The fact that so many people put aside their daily concerns to join the search for the youngster last week is but one sign of the solidarity and compassion that was evident throughout the painful ordeal.

NYPD Arrests Teens In W’burg Anti-Semitic Attacks

Assistant Managing editor

Police in Williamsburg arrested two teens who were apprehended by the volunteer Shomrim Patrol following a violent attack Monday night, the second such attack in two weeks.

Moshe Guttman, 44, was attacked in the same area where Joel Weinberger was brutally assaulted on Thanksgiving Day, near Beer HaTorah yeshiva on Wallabout Street and Harrison Avenue around 11 p.m. as he was leaving a Chanukah party. The attackers fled after Guttman started screaming and the Shomrim caught the suspects as they ran.

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