Sheldon Silver

Silver Seen Likely To Overcome Harass-Payout Flap

Long-serving Assembly leader admits mistakes as ethics panel probes $100G hushed settlement.

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As he admits “mistakes were made” in the decision to quietly pay out a six-figure sum to two women claiming harassment by a powerful Brooklyn assemblyman, New York State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver is riding out the storm while attending the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., this week.

State Assembly Speaker for 18 years, Sheldon Silver.

Silver Modifies Bill Regarding ‘Bigoted’ Boycotts

Tweaks Assembly’s pro-Israel legislation after free speech complaints.

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The State Assembly has modified a much-criticized bill that would bar state funds from being used for groups that boycott Israeli universities.

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver: Pressured to alter bill. Getty Images

Pols Seek State-Aid Cutoff For Schools That Boycott Israel

Compliance with campaign ‘a slap in the face,’ says state Senate leader.

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New York taxpayers have no business funding universities that single out Israel for an academic boycott, local legislators said this week.

Jeff Klein: Boycott betrays academic freedom.

Report: Judy Rapfogel Questioned In Met Council Probe

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The wife of ex-Met Council CEO William Rapfogel has been questioned regarding the hundreds of thousands of dollars that turned up in the couple's homes, reports said on Monday.

De Blasio On Silver, Syria and Circumcision

At an Upper West Side campaign stop, Dem frontrunner runs a gamut of diverse questions.

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Enjoying the attention afforded by frontrunner status, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio faced questions ranging from local to international issues from a large scrum of press and a few voters during a campaign stop on the Upper West Side Monday.

Bill de Blasio took a pass on Syria and said he'd work well with the state Legislature. Adam Dickter

Spitzer: Sheldon Silver Must Go

Comptroller frontrunner calls for new leader of 'broken' Assembly; 'Consider the source,' Silver replies.

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Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, who is under fire for his admitted mishandling of sexual harassment complaints against a powerful Brooklyn legislator, should be immediately replaced, former governor and ex-attorney general Eliot Spitzer said last night.

Eliot Spitzer: "There is a capability for new and creative leadership in the Assembly." Photo via WCBS-TV

Shelly The Survivor

Political skills, not iron fist, seen keeping speaker in power after scandal.

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Tuesday seemed like any other day for Sheldon Silver as he went about his business in Albany, announcing the Assembly’s passage of the DREAM Act, to increase access to college financial aid for immigrant students.

Silver: A political mastermind who keeps his conference members happy.

The Assembly Takes On Tehran

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver wants to use access to business in the Empire State as leverage to keep companies from doing business with Ahmadinejad's Iran.

Today, the Manhattan Democrat announced what he called landmark legislation that would prevent not just Albany but municipal governments here from any contracts with companies with ties to Tehran. He cited the recent suspected attempt by the Iranian government to hatch a terror plot that, officials said, may have involved an attack on the Israeli and Saudi embassies here.

David Weprin To Run For Weiner's Seat

David Weprin, a Queens Democrat who served in the City Council and now the State Assembly, has been named by his party bosses as the candidate in September’s special election to fill the seat of ex-congressman Anthony Weiner.

Politics is the Weprin family business. David’s father Saul was the speaker of the Assembly until his death in 1994, after which his brother, Mark assumed their father’s Assembly seat (while the speaker job went to Sheldon Silver). A third brother, Michael, served as a Huntington Town Councilman.

Protesters in N.Y. Picket Companies Dealing with Iran


NEW YORK (JTA) -- Protesters demonstrated outside the New York headquarters of several companies accused of conducting business with Iran.

Demonstrators from Iran 180 and United against Nuclear Iran, two groups promoting a democratic Iran, rallied June 10 in Midtown Manhattan, booing a large papier mache construction of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Eni Corp., one of the companies being picketed, sent down a spokesperson to declare the Italian energy company's plans to officially cease doing business with Iran.

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