Shalom Rubashkin

Judge Reprimands Rubashkin Lawyer On Juror Interviews



A federal judge reprimanded an attorney working on behalf of jailed former Agriprocessors executive Sholom Rubashkin.

In a meeting Tuesday, U.S. District Chief Judge Linda Reade told the attorney that interviews of jurors in Rubashkin’s 2009 trial on bank fraud charges cannot be used for future appeals or other court proceedings, according to The Gazette, a newspaper based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Reade met with attorneys from both Rubashkin and the government.

Weiner Addresses Orthodox Parlor Meeting

Promises Flatbush crowd he'll speak out on unpopular causes; says judges in Rubashkin case were 'clearly anti-Semitic.'
Staff Writer

Promising to be the kind of mayor who will speak out on issues other officials would rather sweep under the carpet, Anthony Weiner on Thursday depicted a former kosher meat king imprisoned for bank fraud as a victim of judicial anti-Semitism.

"I'm not a perfect person, God knows," Anthony Weiner told an Orthodox audience Thursday. Photo via

Congresswoman Calls For U.S. Inquiry On Rubashkin Sentence

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Saying the fraud sentencing of kosher meat king Shalom Rubashkin was disproportionate compared with sentences meted out to others who committed more serious crimes, Rep. Yvette Clarke of Brooklyn has called on U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to intervene.

Rep. Yvette Clarke
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