Shai Reshef

An Israeli ‘Citizen Of The World’

Meet Shai Reshef, the philanthropist and visionary behind the world’s only tuition-free, international online university.

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University of the People has its headquarters on the West Coast, but its professors and administrators are mostly on the East Coast. Its IT staff is in the West Bank.

And its 1,500 students live in more than 135 countries — including every Middle Eastern and African nation.

Shai Reshef

American Online University in West Bank

A January 2009 article in the ​NY Times described the plans of an Israeli businessman to create a global online university. Shai Reshef has been succeeding. And now Reshef has opened an operations center in the West Bank. D.D. Guttenplan filed the following story in the NY Times this week:

An American online university started by an Israeli entrepreneur has opened an operations center in the West Bank.

Shai Reshef founded the University of the People, which offers free online education to students in over 120 countries
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