Seder2015 Brings Passover Into The Digital Age


An appreciation for classics and architecture does not necessarily foster interest in the Passover seder.

Participants at one of Michael Hebb’s “test” seders use the resources from (Scott Macklin)

Women’s Voices Rise At Woodstock Seder

Acted-out Haggadah brings Exodus story’s forgotten females to the fore.

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As a “new Jew,” a recent convert to Judaism, Desiree O’Clair was first exposed to the Passover seder a few years ago, at friends’ holiday tables. She then tried her hand at leading her own seders, and decided, “I have to learn how to do this properly.”

Rabbi Aura Ahuvia, spiritual leader of the Woodstock Jewish Congregation. Courtesy of Miriam’s Well

A Seder In ‘Paradise’

Special To The Jewish Week

Recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, I first came to Bonaire, a Dutch Caribbean island near Curacao, more than 30 years ago. I was treating myself to a vacation where no one knew me and I was far away from the stressful life in the “big city.”

Pour Out Your Love?

This year’s anti-Semitism must have a place at the seder table.

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What will Jews do this year?

Passover is a time of joy and freedom, anticipation and redemption. And because we are strong and free, we can afford one pointed flash of anger. After the meal, we traditionally open the door for Elijah and say three biblical verses of vindictiveness that begin “Pour out Your wrath…” Shfokh hamatkha al ha-goyim. We crave justice. We seek revenge. We ask that our enemies get their just desserts for all of the irrational hatred we’ve suffered. We note the spilled venom of centuries that has taken innocent Jewish lives.

Erica Brown

On-Demand Judaism: Observing When It’s Convenient


Something new to worry about: It began with the conversation with one of my oldest friends, who is a trustee of the Metropolitan Opera.  She noted that ticket sales were down due to the fact that people do not like to commit to subscriptions, which requires them to be in attendance at a performance at a certain time on a certain evening.  She also noted that her cousin, who is a director of the National Theater in London, had told her that all of the performing arts are in trouble because we live today in an on-demand world.

Telling The Passover Story Fully And Powerfully

Jewish Week Online Columnist

When we think of the challenges of hosting a seder, the physical – the cleaning and cooking – immediately spring to mind. Another challenge is negotiating the tension between the meal’s ritual requirements and the obligation to make the story actually speak to the participants who are there.

Rabbi Gerald C. Skolnik

Passover Seder Losing Steam As Key Marker Of Affiliation

Observers gnash their teeth as attendance at ritual meal drops; young Jews want DIY Passover.

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Monday night will be a typical weeknight for Sam Biederman.

After he finishes work as director of communications at the New School in Greenwich Village, he may head to the gym for a workout. Or go out for drinks with friends. Or watch some TV at home.

Brooklyn’s Avital Chizhik says many young Jews are turned off by the “Orthodox language” of many seders. Avital Chizhik

Pushing The Passover Envelope

L.I. Schechter expands traditional Pesach customs for Jewishly diverse generation.

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Had there been scallion “whips,” but no Ladino rendition of “Who Knows One,” dayenu.

Michael Datikash

A Mother's Prayer: Like Chametz, Take My Resentment

Seder night is almost upon us and I am dreading it.

Rabbi Rebecca Schorr
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