Second Amendment

I'm For It Except When I'm Against It

Remember when conservatives were strong supporters of state's rights?  They still are, except when they aren't.  On the issue of abortion, they want to take jurisdiction away from the federal government and give it to the states, where bans are easier to enact.  Guns are another matter.

They want to take gun control authority away from the state and local governments, especially when it comes to carrying concealed weapons.  That's the latest cause of the NRA and the gun lobby.

Potted Pol Packs A Pistol

The Jewish population of Nashville, TN, has more than doubled since 2000 to approximately 10,000.  And if any of them were on the streets of their city last Tuesday night, October 11, near Vanderbilt University, for some last minute pre-Sukkot shopping they were at potential risk along with all other residents of the city.

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