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After Two Violent Incidents, Brooklyn Leaders Gather To Condemn Anti-Semitism

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An interfaith meeting of religious leaders and elected officials in Brooklyn will today denounce today recent anti-Semitic incidents in the borough.

‘Knockout’ Attacks A Concern

Meeting this week with Jewish leaders, pols and police about urban crime trend; police promise increased presence.

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A new form of urban terror — the “knockout game,” in which one teen in a roving gang suddenly lunges at an unsuspecting pedestrian, often knocking the victim unconscious with a single punch to the face — has come to Crown Heights. The trend mimics such attacks elsewhere in the country.

Assemblyman Dov Hikind said police should arrest, not just educate, youth who perpetrate street attacks. Getty Images

Jewish Voters More Divided Than Other Groups

Exit polls show a strong return to the Democrats in backing de Blasio, but 44 percent were with GOP's Lhota.

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Democrat Bill de Blasio won a resounding and historic victory to become New York's 109th mayor Tuesday night, with an estimated 73 percent of the vote, scoring high across ethnic, religious, age and gender lines. 

Bill de Blasio, bottom, won more Jewish support than other recent Democrats, but lost 44 percent to Joe Lhota. Getty Images

Outspent Stringer Beats Spitzer In Comptroller Race

Political comeback denied for ex-governor.

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Longtime West Side politician Scott Stringer is all but certain to be the next comptroller of New York City following his come-from-behind victory in Tuesday's primary over Eliot Spitzer, the former governor and attorney general.

Eliot Spitzer, top, failed to convince Democrats he's better qualified for comptroller than Scott Stringer. Adam Dickter

In Comptroller Race, A Nasty Personality Clash

With no real issues in the race, Stringer and Spitzer focus on trashing each other.

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One promises “no drama” if he is elected, noting that “I have not embarrassed my constituents,” while embracing the role of “policy wonk.”

Eliot Spitzer, top, and Scott Stringer aren't far apart on issues, but disagree on each other's fitness for office. Adam Dickter

Bad Vibe For The Tribe: Fewer Jews Running For Mayor

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How far we’ve come from the 70s, when we had back-to-back Jewish mayors, Abe Beame and Ed Koch. And the 80s, when we had one Jewish mayor, Koch, the whole time.

And the 2000s, when we had another Jewish mayor (a sorta Republican) for three terms in Mike Bloomberg. When you think about it, Rudy Giuliani and David Dinkins can be seen as aberrations through the 1990s to 2002 – 12 years out of nearly 40 in which Jewish senior citizens ran the city.

Scott Stringer won't run for mayor next year, he has announced.

Tom Allon: Who's A Minor Candidate?


"The definition of chutzpah," Tom Allon tells us, "is when the New York Times tries to decide who's Jewish and who's not,  and who is a major or minor candidate."

Expect Allon to use lots of Yiddish and Hebrew words as he ramps up his campaign for mayor --  which we are reluctant to characterize for fear of being called chutzpahdik --  now that Allon is the only Jewish declared candidate in next year's race for City Hall. (Manhattan Beep Scott Stringer dropped out.)

Allon Plan: "I'll be one of the last two standing."

Local Pols Honor Israeli Olympic Athletes

The International Olympic Committee is still steadfastly refusing to give into pressure -- from sources as high as the White House -- to honor the 11 slain Israeli athletes of the 1972 Munich Olympics during the games. (A small pre-games ceremony was held Monday.)

The athletes.

Tim Boxer: Three Get Kaufman Center Honors

Special to the Jewish Week

As honoree Dick Beattie was called to the stage at the Kaufman Center gala last week at the 583 Park Ave. event space, he got sound advice from a couple of his longtime friends among the 320 guests: "Remember, don't sing or perform."

It wasn't the first time he was thus cautioned. He recalled what one of his daughters once asked: "Dad, when you think of a song in your head, is it on key then?"

Kaufman Center chairperson Bethany Millard, honoree Dick Beattie, and executive director Lydia Contos. Photo - Monika Graff

Interview with Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer

Adam Dickter speaks to the borough president about the Ground Zero Mosque, the city charter revision, his upcoming marriage, political future and more. Filmed and edited by David Leshaw.

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