Ashkenazi Genes Facilitate Advances In Research On Schizophrenia

12/08/2013 - 19:00
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A new study on the genetics behind schizophrenia and bipolar disorder made a breakthrough by exploiting the similarities of Ashkenazi genetics, according to an article in the Washington Jewish Week.

After The Navy Yards Shooting: When Diagnosis Becomes Stigma

Last week, while sipping my coffee at a café, I overheard a troubling conversation. A small group of seemingly well-informed Brooklynites were discussing the recent shooting at the Navy Yard in Washington. One of the smartly dressed guys chimed in, “He’s schizo! That’s why he did it. Schizophrenics kill people all the time!” His friends laughed and agreed with his reasoning, and moved onto the more compelling question of what to eat for lunch.

Aaron Feinstein

Is 'Inclusion' About Parents' Need For Normalcy, An Israeli Asks

Editor's note: The author of this post is the cousin of Jennifer Lazslo Mizrahi, a valued supporter of and contributor to The New Normal.

I recently got together with my cousin Jennifer. Even though we live on two sides of the Atlantic (I live in Israel), she does her best to make sure we stay in touch. When we do meet there's always a lot of catching up. Since both of us have children with disabilities, our discussion inevitably revolves around our kids.

Tami Lehman-Wilzig
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