'This American Life' Vs. Tablet On East Ramapo Schools Row

Is a chasidic board gutting the public schools? How two investigations came to different conclusions.

09/16/2014 - 20:00
Staff Writer

The conflict-ridden East Ramapo school board has had plenty of news coverage since chasidic Jews gained a majority and began slashing the budget. Public school parents accuse the board of gutting the district of property, personnel and programs in order to keep taxes low. The board, whose members send their children to private yeshivas, counters that reductions are due to cuts in state funding and that any board — chasidic or not — would be doing the same.

School activists and a board member face off during a meeting in East Ramapo. Courtesy of Adrianne Mathiowetz/This American Life

De Blasio On Silver, Syria and Circumcision

At an Upper West Side campaign stop, Dem frontrunner runs a gamut of diverse questions.
09/08/2013 - 20:00
Assistant Managing Editor

Enjoying the attention afforded by frontrunner status, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio faced questions ranging from local to international issues from a large scrum of press and a few voters during a campaign stop on the Upper West Side Monday.

Bill de Blasio took a pass on Syria and said he'd work well with the state Legislature. Adam Dickter

Thousands Of Haredi Jews Protest Israeli Draft In Manhattan

06/09/2013 - 20:00

Thousands of haredi Jews, including members of both rival factions of the Satmar chasidic sect, crowded into Foley Square in Lower Manhattan Sunday to protest Israel's plan to include the ultra-Orthodox in the army draft.

The protesters carried signs reading "The Israei Draft Law is an attack on religious freedom" and "Orthodox Jews willproudly go to jail rather than serve in the Israeli army."

Protestor and his children approach Federal Plaza in Manhattan for rally against Israeli draft of haredim. Don Emmert/AFP/Getty
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