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Present At The Creation, And Beyond

Yehuda Avner, top aide to five Israeli leaders, stars in first part of film version of his monumental memoir, ‘The Prime Ministers.’
10/14/2013 - 20:00
Special To The Jewish Week

Yehuda Avner looks like a round-faced version of Fyvush Finkel and, like the actor, he has an avuncular, twinkly charm, sort of like a Yiddish leprechaun. So it comes as no surprise that his on-camera presence throughout “The Prime Ministers: The Pioneers,” a new documentary here on opening on Oct. 18, is one of the film’s greatest assets. Based on Avner’s enormous memoir of his nearly half-century as an aide to Israel’s leaders, the film, the first of two parts, is a frequently candid look at the inner workings of the Israeli government through war and crisis.

The Prime Ministers, Created by Nimrod Erez. Al Gilbert

Yehuda Avner's 10 Commandments

Ambassador Yehuda Avner is the 84-year-old rock star of Jewish media these days.

His 2010 memoir, “The Prime Ministers,” based on the notes he took as a senior advisor to five Israeli prime ministers in their private meetings with world leaders, is still a best-seller and still in hard cover. A full-length documentary film, based on the book, will have its New York premiere on May 7.

Yehuda Avner: Protect Jewish dignity and honor at all cost. Michael Datikash

From Model Seders To Chupahs: Everyone Wants To Be A Shtickle Jewish

Families shopping for kosher l’Pesach food items. Couples marrying under a chupah, signing a ketubah, breaking a glass.

Some recent stories in American newspapers.

Old news.

But none of the above are Jewish.

As we wring our hands about Jewish continuity, asking who will carry on Jewish traditions, the answer appears more and more to be: gentiles.

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