The Big Ten And The Amidah

The leaders of the Big Ten athletic conference apparently aren’t math majors.

Like many teams, the North Carolina Tarheels play in a conference whose name is a misnomer. Getty Images

Some Are Abusing Title VI Protections, AJC Charges


WASHINGTON (JTA) -- The American Jewish Committee said a government decision to classify campus anti-Semitism as prohibited discrimination is being abused by those seeking to silence criticism of Israel.

Battle at Rutgers: When ‘Never Again’ Is Misused

Special To The Jewish Week

Never Again!

These words express the determination of all who vow never to allow another Holocaust against anyone. Yet these words are being abused by a new national tour entitled “Never Again For Anyone,” a program that seeks to link the atrocities committed against the Jewish people by the Nazis to Israeli governmental policies.

Rutgers Jewish Students Turned Away From Anti-Zionist Event


(JTA) -- Jewish students at Rutgers University and their supporters reportedly were barred from a campus event sponsored by anti-Zionist groups.

Rutgers campus police on Saturday night prevented some 400 Jewish students and their supporters, including Holocaust survivors, from a program called "Never Again for Anyone," the WordlNetDaily online newspaper reported.

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