A Navi Chai in Moab (Utah)

It’s easy to venerate our prophets, harder to relate to them. They were noble, and they were also cranky, dirty and solitary; strange things to be in our scrubbed, relentlessly social world. This seeming eccentricity gives us reason, if we want it, to avoid their message. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want it? Even thinking about them too much, much less emulating them, is uncomfortable.

Where prophets walk, and run.

A Marathon For Meshuganehs

07/19/2010 - 20:00

Carlos Goldberg, an immigrant from Argentina, fell in love with long-distance hiking as a member of the Israeli Army’s elite Golani Brigade four decades ago, and never put his hiking shoes away.

Now a resident of a moshav in northern Israel near the Lebanese border, he regularly hikes on Israel’s trails; two years ago he did the 777-mile Border Run around Israel. He’s competed in marathons, including the Sahara Marathon in Morocco.

Photos By Carlos Goldberg
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