Ruderman Prize

Autism Self-Advocate Cited For Inclusion Work


When Ari Ne’eman was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome at age 12, his life changed.

Administrators at the Conservative Jewish day school that Ne’eman had attended for years said they were not comfortable serving an autistic student, so he ended up transferring to a “segregated special-ed school.”

Ari Ne’eman

A B'nai Amoona Congregant On Why It Won The Ruderman Prize

During my seven summers at Ramah Wisconsin’s Tikvah program, I learned that my bunkmates from other cities struggled to be included with their Jewish peers in their own communities. Many of my disabled peers often had their only Jewish education and Jewish peer interactions during the summer at Ramah, while I felt very fortunate to have had a strong group of Jewish peers and a regular Jewish education at my own synagogue, B’nai Amoona in St. Louis, MO.

Kenneth Kalman and one of the senators from his homestate of Missouri, Claire McCaskill
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