Gary Rosenblatt's "Between the Lines"


Between The Lines book Cover
Gary Rosenblatt has been the editor and publisher of The Jewish Week for 20 years. Here, for the first time, is a curated collection of his most thoughtful “Between The Lines” columns, selected from the more than 1,000 he has written since 1993.

Between The Lines is a 278 page book featuring 80 columns ranging from prescient analyses of the Mideast situation to warm remembrances of his childhood as “the Jewish rabbi’s son” in Annapolis, Maryland.

Here's What Others Say About Gary Rosenblatt.
“Gary Rosenblatt has been the combined Woodward-Bernstein and Walter Lippmann of Jewish journalism, consistently reporting and commenting in incisive, thorough, fair and lively fashion, all while editing a must-read newspaper. He has done it all while never being anything less than a mensch, never trumpeting his own achievements, which are considerable, and while engaging with sensitivity in the wider community. He should continue doing so until 120.”
-- Joseph Berger, Reporter, New York Times

Fearlessly and with an insatiable curiosity, he has raised the practice of Jewish journalism to new heights. For his profession and for his community, he is a treasure.”
-- Leon Wieseltier, Literary Editor, The New Republic

“Gary Rosenblatt is a discerning observer, a serious reporter and an elegant essayist. Oh, and a mensch. Read him.”
Rabbi David Wolpe

-- Author, rabbi of Sinai Temple, Los Angeles

“Jewish journalism, and Jewish communal life as we know it today, would be inconceivable without Gary’s weekly presence in our lives.”
-- Yossi Klein Halevi, Author, Journalist, Senior Fellow, The Shalom Hartman Institute

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