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"Handle With Care," Handles With Grace

“Will I see you at shul?”
“…Spent $200 for Christmas.”
“Mah nishmah?”
“The name’sunder Menachem O’Malley.”

Voices slipping in and out of Hebrew and English, filled up the lobby of the Westside Theatre,where the audience was waiting to see "Handle With Care," the new off-Broadway play by Jason Odell Williams.

Little did they know that art was about to imitate life.

Carol Lawrence in “Handle With Care.” Doug Denoff

A French Jewish-Muslim Romance

Satisfying and poignant, ‘The Names of Love’ rises above the constraints of its genre.
06/20/2011 - 20:00
Special To The Jewish Week

The original French title of the new comedy “The Names of Love,” which opens on June 24, was “Le Nom des Gens.” That loosely translates as “the name of people” and, for a film that is very much about the nature of identity and self-definition, it is a more apt title. On the other hand, since the film is a sweet-natured romantic comedy, maybe things are best left as they are.

Director Michel Leclerc, top right, showcases the love story of Baya and Arthur.
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