Richard Cohen

On Gloomy Predictions


Regarding Richard Cohen’s new book, “Israel: Is It Good For The Jews?” (Editor’s column, Oct. 3), it should be noted that gloom and doom predictions have been made about Israel, going back to before the state was created. In 1948, George Marshall, then Secretary of State and wartime Army Chief of Staff, warned President Truman that the Jews in Palestine would need two American divisions, some 40,000 men, to keep from being overrun [by Arab armies]. The prophets of Israel's doom have been wrong ever since.

From ‘Mistake’ To Qualified ‘Miracle’

In a new book, Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen asks if Israel is good for the Jews?

Editor and Publisher

Illustrating his assertion that Israel “is a tough sell” because of its policies toward the Palestinians and its negative image internationally, longtime Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen, 73, observed the other day, “You couldn’t get Paul Newman to play [an Israeli war hero] in ‘Exodus’ today, people would laugh at it. It’s a pity.”

Gary Rosenblatt

Two takes on the West Bank settlement debate

If you want to understand the maddeningly complex debate over Israel's West Bank settlements and U.S. policy, check out these two op-eds that articulately outline two opposing positions.

In today's Washington Post, columnist Richard Cohen took the Obama administration to task for what he says is its counterproductive focus on stopping settlement construction as a necessary precursor of a viable peace process.

Cohen accurately laid out the emotional punch the issue carries for both sides:

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