revolution in Egypt

Toward A Song Of Freedom

Can art break barriers and build bridges between Israel and Egypt? It’s a long shot but some Israeli writers and musicians hold out a glimmer of hope.
Israel Correspondent
05/31/2011 - 20:00

Like a lot of other Israelis, and Jews, around the world, I watched the unfolding people’s revolution in Egypt earlier this year with a combination of admiration and trepidation.

There were dueling thoughts inside my brain. My inner New Yorker couldn’t help humming “Could be … who knows…,” the shout of hopeful anticipation from West Side Story; but it was soon drowned out by my outer Jerusalemite paranoia, which kept asking, “But is it good for the Jews?” “Is it good for Israel?”

Writer-filmmaker Etgar Keret, left, and singer Achinoam Nini right.
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