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Lawyers, Lobbyists Battle In Diplomatic Intifada

The next stage in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the diplomatic intifada.  Both sides are mobilizing their lawyers and lobbyists to do battle on several fronts, but primarily in The Hague and in Washington, D.C.

Since neither side has shown much interest in sitting down at the peace table for serious negotiations, they've opted for the battle of the briefcases.

More Jewish Families Move Into Eastern Jerusalem’s Silwan Neighborhood

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Jerusalem — Nine Jewish families moved into the eastern Jerusalem Arab neighborhood of Silwan.

An Open Letter To President-elect Rivlin

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I congratulate Reuven “Ruby” Rivlin on his election to the presidency of our beloved State of Israel. He is now president-elect of the only Jewish nation in the world, and the symbolic leader of the world’s most diverse Jewish community. The State of Israel was founded to build a creative and inspiring Jewish and democratic homeland that offers its people a bright, welcoming and inclusive future. He follows a particularly strong predecessor, President Shimon Peres, whose inspired statesmanship brought together divergent streams of people for the good of Israel.

Aaron Pankin

Israel’s New President, Playing Catch-Up


The office of the president of the State of Israel is largely symbolic, intended to unify the country and bring it enhanced stature. But from the outset the definition of the role, to “stand at the head of the state,” has been vague, leading critics to call for its abolishment on the grounds that it is unnecessary and costly.

Likud’s Reuven Rivlin Is Elected President Of Israel

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Reuven Rivlin of the Likud party was elected president of Israel in a campaign that was fraught with scandal.

Rivlin was elected in the second round of Knesset balloting on Tuesday, defeating Meir Sheetrit of the Hatnua party in a 63-53 runoff vote. The former Knesset speaker becomes Israel’s 10th president and succeeds Shimon Peres.

‘Ruby’ Has Non-Orthodox Seeing Red

Reuven Rivlin, Israeli presidential front-runner, champions pluralism in politics but not Judaism.

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Tel Aviv—The front-runner in Israel’s presidential election has equated Reform Judaism with “idol worship” and refused to refer to Reform rabbis by their title.

Reuven Rivlin. Getty Images

Knesset To Hold Presidential Election June 10

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TEL AVIV — The Knesset will vote for Israel’s next president on June 10.

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