Let's Not Make People Afraid To Open Their Mouths

Special needs. Developmental delay. Cognitive disabilities. Disabled. Learning disabilities. Retarded. Autistic. Mentally challenged. Slow. Special. Blessed. Pure of soul.

Beth Steinberg

On Other Blogs: This Isn't Just About A Word

Please find below a guest post from Ellen Seidman, the firecracker author of 'Love That Max: A Blog About Kids With Special Needs Who Kick Butt.'

Ellen Seidman

Our Struggle Is Bigger Than A Label

My interest in disability issues is twofold: I have used a wheelchair since sustaining a spinal cord injury in 1975, and I was a school psychologist for over 30 years, working with children with a variety of disabilities.  On learning about “Spread the Word to End the Word,” I had a mixed reaction.  While I agree that it is important to reduce the stigma and name-calling associated with many disabilities, I don’t agree with focusing on this one particular label.

We need to fight cruelty, not one particular world.
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