Reb Nachman

Chasidim Return To Israel From A Chaotic Pilgrimage To Uman


Thousands of Jewish pilgrims are leaving Ukraine, where their weeklong stay in Uman resulted in a fire, power shortages, a sewage flood and several arrests.

In one incident, three Israeli police officers who were sent to Uman to help police there reportedly scuffled last week with locals while off duty. An estimated 26,000 Jewish pilgrims congregate every year ahead of the Jewish New Year near the gravesite of Rabbi Nachman, founder of the Breslov hasidic movement.

Chasidim pray in Uman during 2010 pilgrimage. Getty Images

'Beethoven To Bratslav' comes to JTS.

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"Did Beethoven ever hear about a strange Jew running from place to place, persecuted by other Jews?"

Training the Hand to Give

Money as spiritual practice.


From my teenage years, an emblematic scene: my mother, at midnight, in her king-sized bed, alone. Her face is tear-stained, and she is surrounded by a crazy patchwork quilt of bills she cannot pay. The scene continues to haunt my brother, an executive at Chevron, so much so that he has confided his secret imaginings. When he finds himself in the lobby of a grand hotel, on the way to his corporate suite, he glances at the corner of the stairwell, somewhat insanely, noting that he might sleep there, for free, if the dark times come again.

Cast iron architectural charity container. Courtesy Moriah Gallery.
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