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Dating: Learning From The Sweet Genius How To Say 'No'

My biggest source of wisdom for how to deal with a bad date doesn’t come from advice columns, magazines or books. In fact, it comes from someone who has never really been in the game of dating advice: Ron Ben-Israel. Yes, I learned the fine art of polite, articulate rejection from Ron Ben-Israel, the sweet genius himself. 
If you’re not familiar with him, allow me to babble a bit about one of my special interests: Ron Ben-Israel is a famous Israeli pastry chef based in New York. He’s known to me as the host, judge and overall master of the Food Network reality show, Sweet Genius.

Leah Jane Grantham

Show To Focus On Jews Who Left Ultra-Orthodoxy


A proposed new reality TV show could center on former ultra-Orthodox Jews who have chosen to leave the community. “It’s about twenty somethings who make the decision to leave everything behind, and are now faced with living their lives without help from anyone and very little knowledge of the outside secular world,” said producer Noah Scheinmann, according to the New York Daily News.

Palestinians Search For A ‘New Star’

Arab spin on ‘American Idol’ gives performers a chance to show ‘we are not all Hamas.’

Special to the Jewish Week

Kfar al-Khadar, West Bank — It’s 20 minutes before show time and the young hopefuls sit together in clusters around cloth-covered tables. Some of the contestants are silent, internalizing their mood before the cameras start to roll, while others laugh and joke aloud to get their tensions out. With their hair and makeup already perfected and their carefully chosen outfits clean and pressed, there is little else to do except focus on the oversized television screen broadcasting the scene from the stage three floors below.

"New Star" contestant Hadil Rishmawi.
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