Drake Opens Luxury Toronto Club In Honor Of Late Grandparents

The Sher Club is named for his maternal grandparents, Rueben & Evelyn Sher.

05/11/2015 - 20:00
Web Editor

Drake’s been giving us naches ever since he released his first hit album six years ago, but he just one-upped himself with his latest venture. Last week he announced the opening of a new, exclusive club at the Air Canada Center in his Toronto hometown. The ritzy club is named "Sher Club," for none other than his beloved Bubbe and Zaidy—his maternal grandparents—Rueben & Evelyn Sher.

Drake at the opening of the new Sher Club. Via instagram.com/champagnepapi

On Maurcie Sendak, Adam Yauch, and the Death of Jewish Brooklyn Bohemia

If the death this weekend of Adam Yauch, 47—the Beastie Boys founder, nicknamed MCA—was not enough, today came another blow: the death of Maurice Sendak, at 83.  Both were Jewish artists, pioneers in their respective genres, and both were Brooklyn-born.  That they were born some 35 years apart, and came from worlds quite diff

The Passover Rap Video Everyone's Talking About, and the Story Behind It

A couple of weeks ago, a Passover rap video—all in Hebrew, and with beat-boxing—went viral.  It featured two fairly typical looking American Jews dressed up as Pharaoh, Moses, and a sleuth of other biblical characters.  Then there were scenes of a Jewish girl in an Israeli-flag bikini; the two main singers playing poker in a retirement community; and then them again, rapping on a beach lined with skyscrapers. I thought, Wait, I know that place: Florida.

On Being a Jewish Rapper: Musings from Drake and Co.

It used to be the case that when you mentioned Jews and hip-hop, it was Jews who did the producing, and blacks who did the rapping.  That’s changed.  Now every rap great still living—which is to say, most—are running things: Jay-Z, Kanye, Lil Wayne are all producing giants.  While Jews, on the other hand, are rapping: forget Matisyahu (but him too), there’s Drake and Mac Miller and, to my surprise, even DJ Drama.

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