Ramaz Clarifies Advice On Concealing Kipas

Confusion comes in wake of Upper East Side attack.

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When Rabbi Haskel Lookstein, the principal of Ramaz, an Orthodox day school on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, first heard about last week’s attack in the neighborhood on a Jewish couple by a mob bearing Palestinian flags, he had an instinctual response. Maybe the male students at his school should consider wearing baseball caps over their yarmulkes when wandering around the neighborhood, he thought.

Our Dinners With Rashid

Talking to Khalidi, the Columbia professor, helped spark productive discourse.

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What used to be an internal conversation about the political open-mindedness of the North American Jewish community has recently been playing out in the public sphere.

Khalidi Rashid: Has conducted a long-standing dialogue with Jewish students at Columbia University.  Wikimedia Commons

Ramaz Israel Row Points To Larger Trends

In extending invitation to Khalidi, Modern Orthodox students seen seeking wider view on Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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The decision by a prominent Manhattan day school to rescind a speaking invitation offered to an Arab-American critic of Israel, and some students’ online effort to overturn the administration’s cancellation decision, is the latest sign of many young American Jews’ desire for what they consider a more-balanced education about Israel.

Columbia’s Rashid Khalidi, an outspoken advocate of the Palestinian cause, was deemed too controversial to speak at Ramaz.

For Orthodox Women, ‘Catch-22’ On Tefillin

Ritual a difficult taboo to break, even as other gender norms fall; Yeshivah of Flatbush now debating issue for its students.

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A debate about whether female students should be allowed to pray wearing tefillin at school — one that straddles feminism and Jewish law — has been sweeping the Modern Orthodox world.

In Conservative shuls, it's now common for women to wear tefillin. But in the Orthodox world, it's still taboo. Courtesy of USCJ

Ramaz Would Permit Girls To Wear Tefillin

SAR High School is allowing girls to wear phylacteries during morning minyan, and Ramaz would do the same, if asked.

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Following news that the Modern Orthodox SAR High School is now allowing girls to wear tefillin during morning prayer, the principal of Ramaz, a similar institution, said he’d be happy to do the same — should anyone ask.

Rabbi Haskel Lookstein

Hard-Hit Schools Getting Help

Ramaz ‘adopting’ Mazel school in Brighton Beach in twinning effort; L.A. philanthropist donates $1 million 20 area schools.

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Just 20 miles separate Ramaz and Mazel, two co-ed Orthodox day schools whose names, when rendered in Hebrew, are but one letter apart. But in many ways the two institutions could not be more different. With over 1,000 students, a 75-year history and an Upper East Side address, Ramaz serves some of New York’s most affluent Jewish families.

Brighton Beach’s Mazel Day School was severely damaged  by flooding.

Kehillat Jeshurun's Old Look, New Materials

A year after fire, East Side shul unveils plans for rebuilt, enlarged and safer building.

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Bigger, safer, more accessible.

A year after a devastating fire severely damaged the main sanctuary of Congregation Kehilath Jeshurun, a prominent Upper East Side Modern Orthodox synagogue, and the Fire Department’s firefighting efforts caused minor water damage at the Ramaz Lower School, the congregation’s adjacent day school, congregants last week heard plans for the synagogue’s imminent rebuilding.

An artist’s sketch of the new KJ, with two added floors above the synagogue building.

Trying Not To Smash The Tablets

Jewish day schools are increasingly experimenting with iPads in the classroom.

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To the iPad’s many functions — electronic reader, Internet browser, music player, camera, gaming console and interactive textbook — add this: discipline tool.

When Devorah Werdesheim, a teacher at Ohr Chadash Academy in Baltimore finds a student misbehaving, she merely has to temporarily confiscate the device, which all fourth-through-sixth graders at this Modern Orthodox school have.

“The first time you see a child use an iPad it’s a eureka moment,” says a lay leader at Baltimore’s Ohr Chadash Academy.

'Determination And Hope’ As KJ Rebuilds

Congregation struggles to repair shul and adjacent Ramaz school in time for High Holidays and school year.

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Sealed off by metal barricades and makeshift wooden walls and yellow emergency tape, the north side of East 85th Street between Lexington and Park is off-limits to pedestrians this week, as the Fire Department inspects the remains of Congregation Kehilath Jeshurun, which sustained heavy damage in a four-alarm fire last week. Two bright red cranes, towering over the five-story synagogue building, dominate the site.

Much of the debris from the collapse of Kehilath Jeshurun roof has been carried away. Steve Lipman
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