Rabbincal Council of America

Time To Act On Agunot


For many years advocates on behalf of agunot (observant Jewish women trapped in unwanted marriages) have sought to resolve the problem through their rabbis. And while many rabbinic authorities have expressed personal empathy and anguish for the plight of these women, the rabbis collectively have insisted that they are powerless in the face of halacha, or Jewish law, which says the husband has the absolute right to determine if and when to end a marriage.

RCA Complexities

It would be nice, I suppose, if the world were as simple as portrayed by Adam Dickter in his article, “RCA Leadership Challenge” (June 15).  In a fashion that unfortunately has become all too common, he seems intent on casting all struggles and disagreements in the Modern Orthodox world as a reflection of ideological tensions between the “religious right” and the “religious left.”
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