Quad Cinema

Top Spot For Jewish Films Gets New Owner

09/09/2014 - 20:00
Special To The Jewish Week

Charles Cohen can remember the exact moment at which he fell in love with cinema.

“I was 3 years old and my grandmother took me to see the Walt Disney ‘Cinderella,’” he recalled in a telephone interview last week. He laughs and adds, “I made her sit through it twice.”

A fan of cinema since seeing Walt Disney’s “Cinderella,” Charles Cohen now owns the Quad Cinema.  Courtesy of Quad Cinema

About Wagner, Fry Buries His Ears In The Sand

In his ‘Wagner & Me’, the British actor seems tone deaf to the German composer’s anti-Semitism.
12/03/2012 - 19:00
Special To The Jewish Week

If they recognize his name, most Americans will think of Stephen Fry as the brilliant comic actor who has frequently paired with Hugh Laurie (of “House” fame), or the Anglo-Jewish polymath whose BBC excursions have covered everything from the mysteries of the English language to the peculiarities of American society. He’s a novelist and a stage actor of note. That Fry is Jewish and also a great lover of the music of Richard Wagner seems a contradiction; and it is the subject of a new film, “Wagner & Me,” which opens on Dec. 7.

Stephen Fry listens to a performance of Wagner’s “Träume,” at the Villa Wesendonck in Zurich. Photos courtesy of  Wavelength Fil
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