Prime Minister: Benjamin Netanyahu

Netanyahu’s Poll Numbers Plummet

P.M. looks ineffective amid calls to either finish Hamas, or be more daring diplomatically.

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A month ago, 82 percent of Israel’s Jews supported Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu — an impressive achievement in Israel’s fractious political climate.


Netanyahu: Hamas Leaves Israel No Choice

'If there is to be no cease-fire, our answer is fire,' prime minister says in address to nation.

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Jerusalem — Israel will “expand and intensify” its military operation against Hamas in the wake of a failed cease-fire attempt, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said.

Israelis check a new bomb shelter as it's placed by a crane in the southern Israeli port city of Ashdod. Getty Images

Netanyahu To Address Reform Biennial Via Satellite

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JERUSALEM — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu plans to speak to the biennial meeting of the Union for Reform Judaism via satellite.

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